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The Top 25 Reasons For Business Sellers To

Trust Orville Wright To Get Their Businesses SOLD

For The Best Possible Price And Terms, As Quickly As Possible 

  • The business seller wants the best possible price and terms for their business. Orville Wright can do this!
  • Most owners of successful businesses are busy running their businesses and do not have the time to attempt to sell their businesses on their own. Orville Wright will dedicate all the time that is necessary to get the business SOLD!
  • Most business owners do not know how to find qualified buyers. Orville Wright does!
  • Most business owners do not know the Fair Market Value of their business or the highest price that a buyer will pay. Orville Wright offers a Courtesy Valuation, at NO COST OR OBLIGATION, to determine the Fair Market Value of the business.
  • Most business owners do not know how to effectively “Qualify” buyer prospects. Orville Wright has been doing this for over 30 years!
  • Most Residential Brokers have very limited experience in business sales transactions, if any. Orville Wright only sells businesses.
  • Most Commercial Brokers specialize in the sale of commercial buildings and developments and have very little experience in business sales, if any. Orville Wright only sells businesses.
  • Orville Wright develops effective advertising campaigns, implements them and pays for them while maintaining CONFIDENTIALITY.
  • Orville Wright knows how to develop a marketing strategy and execute it.
  • Orville Wright will screen all potential buyer prospects and eliminate the “Tire Kickers.”
  • Orville Wright can “Recast” the business seller’s financial statements prepared for tax purposes and express them in terms of the “True Value” of the business.
  • Orville Wright can expose the business seller’s business to a broad pool of qualified buyer prospects – CONFIDENTIALLY.
  • Orville Wright pre-qualifies all potential buyer prospects BEFORE introducing them to the business seller.
  • Orville Wright knows how to “Coach” business sellers on the most effective way to field prospective buyer’s questions and concerns.
  • Orville Wright can effectively preserve CONFIDENTIALITY by knowing what to say to buyer prospects . . . And when.
  • Orville Wright knows how to effectively follow up with potential buyers and get them to make a decision!
  • Orville Wright can initiate contact with “Strategic Buyers” for the business seller’s business.
  • Orville Wright will draft Offers To Purchase and assist business sellers to evaluate them.
  • Orville Wright knows how to minimize interference with the business seller’s management of the business during the business sales process.
  • Orville Wright understands and can depersonalize negotiations.
  • Orville Wright is an experienced and effective negotiator and Deal Maker.
  • Orville Wright has systems in place to minimize the possibility that the business seller’s CONFIDENTIAL information will be disclosed to the business seller’s competitors.
  • Orville Wright keeps the transaction CONFIDENTIAL to eliminate any adverse effect of premature disclosure (about sale) to key employees, customers and suppliers.
  • Orville Wright’s compensation is based on a commission ONLY upon a successful sale of the business seller’s business.
  • Orville Wright can provide invaluable assistance throughout the entire transaction.
  • Deals can “Almost Die” numerous times during the business sales transaction. Orville Wright knows how to “Revive” them and get them back on track.